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    If you are sad today, or hung over, or stressed out, or even if you are fine but could use a giggle, well…kittens on a roomba. NEVER NOT WONDERFUL.

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    A group of Johns Hopkins University students have turned a staircase into a giant keyboard — and it only took about 5 hours to do so.

    Club members told The Hub, a university web site, that they hoped the project would spark an interest in robotics. 

    Watch the full video here.


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    How will you celebrate National Library Workers Day?! Find resources, nominate a star, and purchase merchandise offered by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association and be sure and show your appreciation for library workers all over the world. Today is the day to remind people that “Libraries work because we do!”

    it is also my birthday i love today!

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  7. Got dunk in the airport bar; time to go pretend I know where my boarding pass is and get on the plane

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  9. Thai Buddhist temple brunch remains

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    A Few Things We Learned from Rusty Foster about Heartbleed.

    • Change your passwords! There are some people who think that you should wait a few days, since there may still be people accessing your information, but Foster thinks it’s a good idea to change the important ones right away.
    • Consult this Mashable guide, which is keeping track of which passwords you should prioritize.
    • Never use the same password for different important accounts! And try to make your passwords complex. 
    • Here are three “password safe” programs that will help you come up with and remember hard-to-crack passwords: 1Password LastPass KeePass

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