My name is Kt (pronounced “Katie,” not Kay Tee. I made the decision to switch the spelling when I was 13 and I refuse to debase my 13-year-old self and switch back). 24 year old diabetic who is probably making some horrendous health choices. Graduated English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Wrote my senior thesis about Gender Neutral Language in Postmodern Science Fiction. Graduated again from University of Maryland with a MLS.

    I like cheap beer and cheap liquor; food; long eyelashes; kitties and puppies (and cute baby things all around); facebook; drunk swimming; being a bro; libraries; making new friends; crappy TV; accessibility; universal design.

    I make too many posts about my life and sometimes about things I found funny and/or cute. Also things I make to eat. My tumblr is mostly boring and annoying, apologies.

    You probably shouldn’t follow me. I post a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Usually it’s irrelevant and you’ll hate me for clogging up your dash with silly things you don’t care about. It’s okay; I understand. You aren’t hurting my feelings!

    Okay alright time for my disclaimer:

    This is not a professional blog in any way, so I apologize for any inappropriate posts or language. I hope you enjoy hearing about my life because I like to talk about it.

    // Notes