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    I look good today, too, uguise.

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    Relevant. #scottpilgrim

    i live in baltimore not toronto i should NOT be relating to this

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  5. PSA


    Kt is the cutest thing. Particularly when she’s dancin’.

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  6. it’s my birthday and i’m going to go fall asleep in a bar, peace yo

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  7. Why do some libraries insist on developing website content that is not being used? There’s no doubt it would be great if library users came to our sites to read book reviews, listen to podcasts, and calculate the value that the library delivers to them. We want to be a valuable resource. We want people to trust our opinions and rely on us for guidance. But just because this would be wonderful doesn’t mean it is going to happen.
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    Stephen King being Stephen King

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    Jerry Lewis reads. Gets taxed.


    Jerry Lewis - Tax Day 1958

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    The kittiesss!

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